Kids Birthday Party Ideas & Hire in Sydney West

Do you have an upcoming kids birthday but can’t seem to think of any ideas for entertainment? At Jumping Castle Club, we’re here to remove all headaches from the planning and execution processes, providing a huge range of services including everything from face painting to catering and so much more. We’ll work with you to discuss factors such as the space available and how many little ones you’ll be expecting, and create a totally unique experience that everyone will most certainly enjoy!

Face Painting

Children absolutely love getting their faces painted, so be sure to consider this for your event! They’ll be all smiles while our experienced painters get to work transforming them into their favourite character, animal or anything else their little imaginations come up with.

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Music and DJ’s

Anyone who’s got children understands all too well that usually it’s quite a difficult task to maintain their interest in anything for too long. However, our DJs have the skills and knowledge to deliver a very engaging musical experience during the entire party, keeping things interesting and fun from start to finish.

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Video / Photography

With all the running around that goes into making sure everything’s prepared and running smoothly, it can be difficult to find the time to get quality photos and/or video. Why not have a pro take care of it so you can focus on more important things, so you’ve got quality shots and video you can keep forever?

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Remove another to-do off your list and allow us to provide our professional catering services. We’ll prepare delicious and nutritious food they’ll love and you’re free to take it easy and relax (or at least stress less!).

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